New Xbox Series X games

Xbox Series X is currently the most powerful gaming console on the market which provides a great variety of games of different genres. This section provides a rating of the best games for Xbox Series X, based on popularity among users.

Xbox X Series – the best choice for gamers

The technology giant Microsoft annually releases hundreds of thousands of units of its equipment and various software updates on the world market. Even at the announcement stage, new items become one of the most talked-about products; before the official presentation, you can find a lot of video reviews on the Web, based on assumptions and the small amount of information that company representatives periodically share, stirring up interest.

The Xbox X Series console, anticipated by all gamers, also made a lot of noise, which, according to all forecasts, should surpass all previous versions combined. Despite the fact that it will go on sale only at the end of 2020, it is already known that its performance has increased significantly compared to previous versions, and the main feature is the graphics processor, which allows you to reproduce pictures and load textures quickly and with maximum detail.

Despite the fact that the latest Xbox has not yet been released, some game makers have already presented their products that can be launched on the new version. The list of X games 2021 is just being formed, but it is already known that amateurs will be able to find something interesting for themselves:

  • adventure;
  • racing;
  • simulators;
  • sports games;

Top Best Games on Xbox Series X

  • Immortals: Fenix Rising

It is a new epic journey through the world of ancient Greek myths from the developers of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The developers have returned to their roots in a game that draws inspiration from Prince of Persia. Play as Phoenix, an ancient Greek hero seeking power to fight the Titans in a world abandoned by the gods. Your task is to save the region from inevitable death.

  • Resident Evil: Village

The game continues the story of Ethan Winters. The hero’s misadventures did not end with the escape from the Baker mansion. This time, an old acquaintance from the TV series, Chris Redfield, is drawn into the hero’s nightmare adventure. What awaits Ethan in an abandoned village where the stronghold of a castle rises above the shivering inhabitants of the series? The famous hero of the series who saved Ethan at the end of his first adventure, this time sends him to an abandoned village in which ominous events take place.

  • It Takes Two

Join a unique adventure designed specifically for two players in It Takes Two. In this game, masterfully combining genres into a single whole, you will play as Cody and May – a couple on the verge of divorce, which was turned into dolls by the will of a magic book. Finding themselves in a fantasy world, where the most unpredictable things can happen, the heroes must join forces and together find a way out back to the real world.

  • The Medium

It is a third-person psychological horror movie in which you play the role of a girl living in two worlds at the same time. Breakthrough graphics and a gorgeous soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill series) will take you to the frightening world of post-Soviet Poland.

  • NBA Street Homecourt

It is a new game in the series of street basketball projects that combines arcade gameplay with the excitement of backyard basketball matches. In this basketball simulator, you will fight team-on-team against rivals of three.