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Best VR games 2021

Virtual reality is an artificially created world into which the user is immersed with the help of special gadgets. Today developers create the best VR games, which we will consider in this article.

What are VR games?

Virtual reality (VR) is an utterly digital world created with the help of computer systems that provide a full range of sensations (visual, sound, tactile, and others). Such technologies are widely used in the field of entertainment.

The video game industry and virtual reality glasses industry such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are booming. However, such technology can change not only the world of video games but also the future of mankind.

VR glasses not only get better and lighter but also offer more freedom, fewer wires, more powerful stuffing, and more intuitive controls. This makes gaming V/R gadgets essential for a dedicated player. It is hardly a surprise that more and more people are jumping from console to virtual game – despite the significant costs. In addition to the already known VR glasses, you can use a helmet, special screens, or even a device that projects images on the retina.

Advantages of VR games

Virtual reality is able to take communication between players to a new level thanks to “asynchronous gameplay”. Its essence is as follows: each player has unique information and must share it with others to achieve a common goal. Imagine a team of players using virtual reality goggles to complete a puzzle game. Only one of them sees its solution and has to coordinate the work of team members to pass the level.

The top-rated VR games

We have gathered here the favorite VR games from all platforms, each of which is absolutely worth a look:

  • Beat Saber is an awesome VR game in which players use two blades to “fight” with cubes of different colors, which “fly-out” to them in time with the music that the players themselves download. The goal is to score the maximum possible number of points without getting lost during strikes, and without “killing” cubes with blades of the wrong color.
  • Tetris Effect is a game from the creator of Infinite and Lumines Tetsuya Mizuguchi, timed to coincide with the 34th anniversary of “Tetris”. Players will find an old familiar game with virtual reality support, unusual music, and surreal backgrounds.
  • Damaged Core (Rift) requires a gamepad, but despite this, the gameplay Damaged Core impresses with a full sense of freedom and realism. In the game, artificial intelligence captures robots to seize their weapons and exterminate the human race. Damaged Core combines an exciting plot, realistic graphics, and intense gameplay.
  • The Unspoken is a game for those who have dreamed of becoming Gandalf or Dumbledore for even a moment. Here you can enter into a duel with other masters, enchant and conjure enemies by performing special magical gestures by the controller. The Unspoken provides a whole system of different magical gestures that must be studied to defeat enemies.
  • Castlestorm VR is a classic strategy for fans of Angry Birds and the genre of defensive towers. Here you need to capture enemy castles and defend your own. The motion controller adds realism and tension to the game.
  • Raw Data is an arcade shooter where main goal is to steal secret materials from a multinational corporation. Many game scenes take place in a closed virtual space, which creates a very exciting feeling when the player is approached by opponents in the form of androids.

Best GTA games

One of the most famous series on the gaming horizon, even among those who know little about video games, GTA is more than virtual entertainment. Millions of players around the world enjoy playing different parts of the series. But which one is still the best? In this article, we will list the best games in the GTA series.

GTA – the best of the world bestsellers

Why do we love Grand Theft Auto? For freedom? For the script? For the huge number of possibilities that the game gives us? Most likely, the game received its extraordinary popularity thanks to the open world, which at the time of the release of the third part was a real innovation.

In all parts of the GTA, as well as in about 80% of plot video games and crime films, the same uncomplicated plot is used. The hero falls into the service of an important person. According to the mission’s progress, the character becomes more and more powerful, and the balance of power in relation to the employer begins to shift in favor of our hero. It all ends with the fearful employer betraying or substituting the protagonist, and he has to take revenge.

The top of the best GTA games

The list of the best games include:

  • Tekken 7

The Tekken series dates back to 1994 when the first game of the name appeared on arcade machines, and later Sony took the brand under its wing, creating a franchise that now has more than 15 titles. Unlike competing games like GTA, where the plot was just a background with two lines of character history, Tekken demonstrated a complex story from the beginning. Players fight for Tekken 7 ranks, trying to become the best of the best.

  • GTA: San Andreas

After the breakthrough of GTA III and the release of the third dimension, Rockstar took a huge step forward in San Andreas. The game not only grew in size (the virtual Los Santos was really huge for its time), but also acquired role-playing mechanics. The protagonist CJ could be modified as you wish: make him a jock, pump up his stamina, put on different outfits, and much more. We’re not talking about cars and weapons: Rockstar added an incredible amount of content to GTA: San Andreas.

  • GTA: Vice City

The game faithfully recreates the carefree spirit of the 80s, with a synth-pop soundtrack, vibrant sunshine colors, and azure seaside. The plot of the game, in turn, largely repeated the cult film “Scarface” with Al Pacino in the title role. The final battle at the mansion is undoubtedly a reference to this movie classic. Thanks to its light-hearted and cheerful tone, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has become a favorite for many players, and gamers will still continue to play this classic of the series.

‚óŹ       GTA V

GTA 5 is, without exaggeration, an ideal game. Rockstar has done a lot of work on bugs after GTA 4 and created the largest and most diverse open world in the series. The tone also changed: instead of a dark story of revenge, the players were in for a dashing adventure about a trio of robber friends. The presence of three playable characters at once greatly diversifies the gameplay.

  • GTA IV

It was an attempt by Rockstar to make the series more “adult”. This attempt was not successful in everything – freedom of action and the ability to create lawlessness in the open world were sacrificed to gloomy realism. Liberty City appeared as a gray and dirty place in which the Eastern European emigrant Niko Belich – our protagonist – faced the hard-hitting underside of the “American Dream”.